Inpage 2009 Free Download For Windows

inpage 2009 free download

Urdu Inpage is the most famous software for writing documents, news, emails and other stuff in the Urdu Language. It was developed in 1994 by a Software Team of India because they wanted to help Pakistan’s News Paper industry. Inpage 2009 is still the most used software for writing Urdu on the computer around the world. Jump directly to Inpage 2009 free download

Inpage 2009 is a lightweight software for your personal computer or laptop. With the help of Inpage 2009, you can write news, emails, forms, paper, and other text contents in the Urdu language.


It is easy to use and still millions of users are using it. All the Urdu alphabets are available in Urdu Inpage 2009. The best thing about this software is that its user interface is simple and easy to understand. Many Urdu newspaper companies still use Inpage 2009 to write news in their newspapers.

Inpage 2009 and Exams

Urdu exams sheets are still written with Urdu Inpage. I am sure you didn’t know that the exams of Urdu you had taken in the past in your school or college were made with the help of Urdu Inpage.

Font For Inpage 2009

Urdu Inpage 2009 uses Nastaliq Font which is the best font of the Urdu language. You can also import other fonts to it. Nastaliq Font is specially developed for Pakistani publishers according to the needs of modern web publishing and mobile applications. It is the calligraphy of famous font designer Nasrullah Mehr. Nasrullah Mehr was also awarded the calligrapher of Pakistan.

Design Of Urdu Inpage 2009

The software is well designed and it is specially made for the Pakistani people so getting familiar with it is not a difficult task for the majority of people. It has some amazing tools for all your needs. The user-interface is slightly old but overall everything works fine. It has also some basic features like setting the size of the page, font selection, the format of a document, etc.

Urdu Inpage 2009 Free Download is Safe to Use?

Inpage 2009 is 100% safe to download and use. It is completely free from malware. It does not take any type of personal data.

Printing Document With Inpage 2009

The Printing of Document with Inpage 2009 is very easy. You can easily print your document by just clicking on the ‘Print’ button on your keyboard.

Features Of Inpage 2009 Free Download

  • Powerful and easy to use.
  • Lightweight but awesome features.
  • High quality writing technology.
  • Exporting document also in gif format.
  • Well-structured tools panel.
  • Support custom fonts.

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These reviews are gathered from different social media and websites including Facebook, Instagram. Below are the reviews :

Imran Haider Inpage 2009 is a great software for writing urdu.
Thanks to its amazing pre-installed fonts.
Shazia Amir I am principle of a School and my staff uses Inpage 2009
to print exam sheets and other pages in urdu text.
It is just amazing. I recommends this software to everyone.
Inaam Ali The user-interface is old but all the tools are well-placed
Samir Ali I am a student and learning computer science.
Mostly I write Urdu news on my website with this software.
Urdu Inpage is classy and best

Inpage free download 2009

Inpage 2009 is the best version of the Urdu Inpage software history. You can download Inpage 2009 for free from here. The size of the package is almost 15MBs. The software is in a zip archive.

All you need is to unzip the downloaded file and install Inpage 2009. It will take just 1 minute or less than that.

inpage free download 2009

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inpage 2009 free download

So these were all the information we collected about Inpage free download 2009 software. If you have any question leave it in the comments. We will answer it as soon as possible.