Jazz Launches Pakistan cheapest smart featured phone – Jazz Digit 4G

Pakistan Ka Smartphone

If you have a low budget for a phone but you still want to use fast internet and all the famous social apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc then you are in the right place. Today we will talk about Pakistan’s cheapest 4G Keypad smartphone, sounds weird? Believe me its a phone with keypads but has features like smartphone 🤔 Yes I am talking about Jazz Digit 4G smart feature phone.

Jazz and digit launched their new phone Jazz Digit 4G with a new, powerful and lightweight operating system that is specially made for keypad’s phone to provide them smart features and social apps even on low hardware. Jazz calls its new Digit 4G device as “Pakistan ka smartphone”

Price Of Jazz Digit 4G

In Pakistan, it is hard to find a budget phone with 4G connectivity. The normal smartphone price with a 4G feature starts from 10,000. There are still 90 million Pakistanis who have no internet access because they can’t afford expensive phones or computers or they can’t pay expensive internet bills. Jazz has solved all their issues with Digit4G smart feature phone which is only available for 1,799 PKR. They also offered a budget internet, call and SMS plan for the first 3 months to the customers who purchase it. You have to sign-up for a one-year service with Jazz at an extremely affordable 300 PKR/month which offers 1,000 minutes, MBs and SMS every month along with unlimited socializing on Facebook and Whatsapp for the first 3 months of period. You can purchase Jazz Digit 4G phone from your nearest Jazz outlet.

Specification Of Jazz Digit 4G

Jazz Digit 4G smart feature phone has 512 MBs of RAM and 4GB of internal storage along with the MicroSD card option. Its a dual sim phone but the sim 1 slot is only made for jazz sim while in the second slot you can use any network sim. The only drawback of this phone is that it does not provide a dedicated slot for MicroSD card which means at a time you can only use sim 2 or a MicroSD card. It supports 2G,3G, and 4G networks. The device is powered by KaiOS which was officially launched in 2017 by KaiOS Technologies Inc, which is the third-largest Mobile OS worldwide. It has two cameras one at back and second in front. Bluetooth, wifi, and hotspot features are also available in Jazz Digit4G.

What is KaiOS?

KaiOS was launched in 2017 by KaiOS Technologies Inc and now become the third-largest OS for mobile devices worldwide. It is the most powerful OS for low specifications devices. It does not need any special hardware requirements to run, it can even run on a 256mb of RAM. It is smooth, secure and super-fast operating system. The operating system comes with pre-installed Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Google Maps apps, you can also install more interesting apps from its official app store which is KaiStore. KaiStore contains more than 200 apps and games of different categories. The best thing is that it is comes up with GOOGLE ASSISTANCE, which is an interesting thing, isn’t it?

We are hopeful that Jazz and Digit will continue to bring more devices with more features at affordable rates. Comments your views about this device and if you are using it leave your honest review in the comments section.