Free Live TV AIA File For Kodular.

tv aia file

We are presenting a new tv aia file which is made on kodular, whose features are quite interesting. You know that IPL, Asia Cup and ICC T20 World Cup are coming this year so this app would be a great source for you to make handsome money by placing your Admob ads on this live streaming tv app. You can download this free tv aia file for free.

We all know that Kodular is one of the biggest Android app builder platforms which is completely free and providing amazing features which are easy to add to your app. This free tv app aia file is basically a kodular project so I don’t think it would be difficult for you to customize according to your needs.

Live TV AIA File Description :

We use Kodular player to play m3u8, ts, mp4 and other formats of links. The video player also supports the full-screen function. There is also an option to play live streaming directly to MX Player. Airtable is used as a backend of the app, where you can manage categories and channels with their images.

One of the most interesting thing is that you can add unlimited categories and channels in your app without any worries. A listview extension is used to show categories and channels.

There is also a 3D Menu option at the bottom where is the refresh, home, and privacy policy buttons. App also has an attractive splash screen.

How to earn with live tv aia file?

Tv apps are one of the most demanding apps in the world. You can earn by creating your tv app with this aia file and placing your Admob ads in it. It’s more than easy!

How to setup airtable database for this tv app?

We know that it would be difficult for many people. Let’s learn this step by step.


Goto and sign in with your Google account. Create a Workspace.


Click on Add a base option and click on Start from scratch , named it as Categories


Create four rows and named them name, base, table, image. See the below image for example.

;ive tv aia file for kodular.
See the number of rows and their names. Names should be in small letters.

Keep in mind this is your main base.

name row : Use for the category name.
base row: Use for the category base id.
image row: Use for the category image. (You need to put the direct url of the image source).
table row : Use for the table name of a base.


Go back and create some more bases with a scratch template. These bases will now be used as a category. Like if you make a Sports Base, you can add sports channels there and put its information in the “Categories” base.

Make three rows in it and name it exactly as title, link, and image (short letters).

title row – : Use for the channel’s name.
link row – : Use for the channel’s link.
image row – : Use for the channel’s image. (You need to put the direct url of the image source).

live tv aia file
I have hidden the live streaming links.

In the upper left corner “news” is mentioned which is the table name of this base.

Now goto the top right corner and click on help > Api Documentation. Copy the middle part of url. like this. This is your base id.

This is your base id.

Now go back to the categories base and write the name of your category,image link , base id, and the table name. Similarly like this.

You can get your airtable API from here . You will need this api key in your live tv aia kodular project.

Which changes should I make in the aia file?

You need to change app name, package id, app icon, app splash icon, and airtable api key.

Screen 3 is the home screen of the app, there are four spreadsheet components. You only need to add your api key, base id of “Categories base” and table name as Categories.

Screen 2 is the channels’ screen, there are three spreadsheet components you only need to add your api key and leave everything empty in each airtable spreadsheet component.

You don’t need to change anything else. If you need more help feel free to contact us at

How to get this aia file?

This tv aia file for kodular is completely free but for now, we are not going to put its download link here. We need 50 spam-free comments to share the direct download link here. We know you have the potential to make it possible, share this article with your friends and family on Whatsapp, Facebook, telegram or wherever you want.