How to start your freelancing career with copy paste work?

copy paste work

Before starting the topic I want to explain you, what is freelancing? and why you need to start working there? Freelancing is the biggest platform to earn money and learn new things by gaining experience. The top five skills for freelancers are Web Developing, Software Developing, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, and Copy Paste/Data Scraping work.

Freelancing & Office Jobs

In office jobs, employees go to the office daily, attend meetings and listen to his/her bosses and for that he/she gets paid monthly. But Freelancing is different, all you need is to learn some skills and provide your service to other people remotely (through different freelancing platforms). For example, I know Web developing but I don’t know how to design a logo so for this work I need to hire someone (freelancer) to do my job.

In brief, freelancing means completing your client’s task without going out of your home.

What are some best freelancing platforms?

The best freelancing platforms are

Sellers (Freelancers) make their profile/gigs/ service page with title and description on freelancing platforms to tell the buyer what he/she is providing.

What is copy paste work and how you can earn with it?

copy paste

Copy-paste means copy-paste 😀. Copying something and pasting it to another place where your client told you. It could be a text, image, video, emails or something else.

The question should be why someone will hire you to do copy paste work? why he cannot do copy paste work by himself? I want to answer these questions with examples.

But before that make sure, you know how to copy-paste and know the basics of MS Office. There are many tutorials available on youtube to learn MS Office but basic knowledge is enough. The buyer will explain to you his/her work in detail, do not worry about that.


For example, I have an MS word file with many pages and the total words on that file are 30,000.

I am working on a project and I don’t have time to do some extra work except my project but, I need to copy all text from my MS WORD file and paste it to my website or somewhere else with images so it will be very hard for me to copy 30,000 words by myself and paste it with images one by one on my website because it will take my lots of time.

For this purpose, I will prefer to hire someone who knows copy paste work and can do my task as soon as I want it to be done.


For example, I am working for a private company.

I am currently out of the city, my boss sent me an excel sheet and told me to convert the excel sheet to word file. I don’t have laptop or my desktop. What should I do now?

I will go to some freelancing platform and search for the copy-paste service and will hire someone who can do my task.


For example, I also do copy-paste work on freelancing platform and I got an order but the work is too much and I am unable to complete the work before the deadline.

So what I will do? I will hire someone and outsource some of my work to him/her.

I hope you understood how this copy-paste jobs work. So all you need is to go to any freelancing platform and create your account and start providing your service. I will recommend you to start with Fiverr.

Important points to start copy-paste service

  • Make sure you know about the internet and computer.
  • To speed up your work you should know about the shortcut keys (Ctrl + A to select whole text), (Ctrl + C to copy) & (Ctrl + V to paste)
  • Try to invest your time in Microsoft Office and learn new things.
  • Your communication with your clients should be very good.
  • Also, try to learn other skills.

How you can get jobs on top freelancing platforms?

Well, it could be very tough or it could be very easy. All depend on the skills you know, your abilities to complete tasks and your communication skills. I mentioned the top three things that can seriously impact your stats.

  1. Social Sharing – Share your profile/gigs/services on social media.
  2. Follow your competitors – See what title they are using, on which keywords their service/gig is ranking and how much they are charging for the work. Try to give something new with your service and lower your charges than your competitor.
  3. Title & Description – It should be well written and the people who visit your profile should understand what service you provide and how your service can benefit them. Use three times your targeted keywords in the description of your service/gig. FAQS are important, try to add them.

Remember learning is the best practice for getting success, keep learning. If you have any other questions just leave your comment, I will answer.